World War One-Centenary Commemoration of the Gallantry, Sacrifice , Faith of the Indian Soldier ( Even the Adversities Could Not Break Him or His Spirit )

Kut El Amara

Kut El Amara

Kut El Amara– Just see this Indian Soldier to get a real feel what it might have meant for the Indian Army  or the morale of Indian Army when back in 1915, situations went against them.

First Battle of Kut – Malnutrition hits them in face. These were the starved soldiers with a complete fill of confidence and faith over their endurance and very much a far sight that their sacrifice in the long run shall not go unrecorded.

8,000 British Indian soldiers were besieged in Kut , a town 100 miles south of Baghdad.

Malnutrition took toll over the Indians, and the survivors were made to undertake a humiliating ‘March to Aleppo’ for further imprisonment. It is said that only 4,250 of them survived the journey out of 51,836.

Infiniti Communications salutes the spirits & strong determination of the Indian Soldiers who witnessed the worst but emerged stronger after every combat even off burning battle fields. 

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