World War One – 100th Commemoration of Gallantry, Sacrifice & Bravery of Soldiers who fought in World War One.

Finally, this is very much like having things worked  to our best capacities. Emotions are charged, our team is putting this Exhibition together at Manekshaw Convention Centre  showcasing the gallantry, bravery, sacrifice of the Indian warriors who went to brave the adversities of world war one. It is in set up stage now.

The question shall always be on the mind that what interest actually India had when our soldiers went on the front, warring against an unknown enemy, in the unknown territories and might it be correctly said that even for the unknown reasons.

Indian soldiers fought this war for peace. They went to the battle fronts with their heads held high and their hearts soaked in the patriotic worth.Naturally, what a soldier cares what politics is behind the wars , or which powerful enemies he is on his way to take on. For him, the emotion and appeal of the war resides in its call of service.

And service is always before self.

Catch up back with us for more war moments. Many young team members are excited to have them quoted on blog. Two cheers for these young warriors of ours too!


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