Merry Christmas !

Of course , every day brings a new joy of life . Certain days , Certain moments , the warmth they leave behind are completely personal  , something which only begets bigger & bigger in coming some of time . That is the magic , that is the special feel factor of celebrations  in any corner of the world.

Here at Infiniti , it was interesting the team soaking in the Yuletide , early morning , we few had this privilege of finding our respective desks holding candies for us , am talking of those few who were slight stuck in traffic reaching office slight late , quite understandably thanks to fog & stranded traffic conditions  otherwise it was our team’s individual effort in the direction which was self initiated , and pretty personal touch .

Naturally , day is still heading towards everyone of us having a personal program to look forward to , from the family outing to getting along with our near & dear ones  , plenty of plum cakes , a huge X-mas tree , Christmas Star and if we happen happily blessed with kids …..imagine Santas everywhere back at home waiting for us !

Some things never change however and whatever . And that is the beauty of it !

We wish you all a Merry X-mas !


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