Joy of Creating , Joy of Making the Creation happen .

Few times , it is a pure creativity that makes the things happen . A sheer positive attitude makes the things happen . And suddenly , there is this wavelength that sets on connect. Exactly that happens. A sort of sudden connection , medium channelization, a flow  . Usually , I observe the artists in the  studio at work , writers at work , designers & visualizers at work . And what do I see ? As if somewhere , door opens and something they get to see which we can’t see . And that must be it with creative people , they completely lose track of eventualities when they get deep into a creative , words or whatever craft . That probably is such an exciting and exhilarating experience beyond words . It is almost like breaking bounds , rising above the regular congested plateaus , going the path which can be a complete delirium but then artists have a repute of always trailing the paths where angels fear to tread.

I think , that is where the creativity stands out in the crowd – joyous and always on move to touch new heights.


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